"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord." – Proverbs 19:17

What We Are All About

Hello. Hearts of Hope is a nonprofit ministry that seeks to help widows, orphans, and the poorest of the poor around the world.  We currently work in 8 countries: Haiti, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Liberia, Cameroon, and Ghana.  The last 3 countries mentioned above are in Africa.  Below, is a short explanation of this work, but if you’d really like to learn more details, see lots of pictures, and have up-to-date information, then ask to receive our monthly e-newsletter.  Just email us at heartsofhope@shareministries.org.

This ministry partners with native Christian missionaries in each of the eight countries where we work.   We call our native missionaries our Ministry Partners.  The information on this website details the work we are doing through our ministry partners in each of these countries.

The kind of work we do varies depending on the country and the work that God has called our native Ministry Partners to.   Work might include feeding hungry street children, feeding orphans, buying rice for widows, helping support a Christian school in an impoverished region, building simple concrete homes for poor pastors, or building a medical clinic in a remote, rural area.  Sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ is an important part of every Ministry Partner’s work.

We seek to raise funds to do this kind of work and would appreciate your thoughtful consideration in partnering with us both prayerfully and financially.  Your gifts to Hearts Of Hope are tax-deductible.  We don’t take anything out of your gift for administrative fees.   We wire the money given to this ministry directly to our Ministry Partners either through MoneyGram or Western Union.  Therefore, 100% of your gift (minus a small wiring fee for Western Union) goes directly to the field projects.  So, you can rest assured that outside of the wiring expense, all of your money goes directly to the native missionaries for their use in the various projects and ministries.

Click on a country (on the sidebar) to learn just exactly what is going on around the globe.  And, do consider partnering with us in helping the poor in Jesus’ name.

Orphans in Cameroon, Africa.